Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – What’s all the hype about?

Written By: Danielle Cale, cert. personal trainer at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) Most of us love to start our day with that classic hot & delicious cup of joe. In addition to transforming us from zombies to productive worker bees,   coffee has some incredible health benefits you may not know about. In moderation, coffee can: Improve liver health by decreasing harmful … [Read more...]

Push-ups – Why should you learn to love them!

Written by: Elsie Velazquez cert. personal trainer at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) When you think of the push-up exercise, you may not think there is much to them but you are wrong.  It is amazing the benefits that one simple exercise can deliver.  When doing a push-up (correctly, of course), you will be working several different muscle groups because push-ups fall into the compound … [Read more...]

Don’t let Halloween Scare YOU!

Written By: Ariel, Intern at Prescription Fitness Personal Training Center (Cleveland, Ohio) Halloween is here! This fun filled holiday comes with tricks and bountiful treats. Don't lose sight of your fitness and nutrition goals as a decorative bowl of sweets is placed before you. Between the fall festivals, trick or treating, and pumpkin flavored everything, keep in mind that the abundant … [Read more...]

Put Pumpkin Back on the Menu

Written by: Danielle Gymorie cert. Personal Trainer at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, OH) Fall, the holiday best defined by two holidays of self-indulgence and excess festivities.  First up is Halloween where people of all ages are excited for different reasons.  For the younger kids, it’s about running door to door trying to get as much candy as possible.  For the adults, it’s about picking … [Read more...]

Grass-Fed…Better Than Organic?

Written By: Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) Organic and grass-fed beef and dairy products are now available at most supermarkets, which I think is a change for the better. When you see the organic label, you know the food is going to be free of pesticide residues, synthetic hormones, genetically modified organisms, and a long list of questionable … [Read more...]

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition – How Important Is it?

Written by: Elsie Velazqeuz Cert. Personal Trainer at Prescription Fitness So, you have finally figured out a workout routine that works for you and you’ve been consistent with it.  You see changes and you are very excited about it, as you should be.  However, you feel that your progress is slowing down.  You decide that you are going to increase the intensity of your workouts and that you will … [Read more...]


Written By: Danielle Gymorie Cert. Personal Trainer at Prescription Fitness SMART goals, or specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely is a great strategy to use for setting goals you wish to accomplish.  If you’re currently working towards a fitness goal, a SMART goal may be a great way to stay focused and help you achieve your goal.  When creating a smart goal, here are a few … [Read more...]

Concussions in Sport

Written by: Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain’s function. Concussions are common in sports such as football, soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse.  While some concussions are obvious because they cause you to lose consciousness, most do not.  This is why it is possible to have a concussion and not even realize … [Read more...]

Fall into Fitness- Get Back on Track!

            Written By Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness Yay…fall is here! For many, it’s ‘back to school’ time for children and for others it is simply a time to get back into a more regular routine. Although summer is a great time to kick back, there is usually a price to pay for kicking back.  For some, that price … [Read more...]

Bleachers…Not Just for Sitting!

Written By Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness Bleachers provide a challenging workout session. If you enjoy being outdoors and are looking for something new to step up your “game”, consider heading to your local high school stadium for a bleacher workout. You can improve your cardiovascular system, aid in weight loss, enhance your strength and increase your muscular … [Read more...]