Cardio: Define, Why, and How…

Written by Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness Define Before I get into why you should do “cardio” (short for “cardiovascular exercise”) and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, I think it is important to define what it is.  Cardio exercise is any activity in which you move your large muscle groups for a sustained period of time while maintaining an … [Read more...]

How to Record Your Nutrition

Written By Beth Funari  Sims Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness Nutrition is a vital part of the healthy lifestyle equation. What you put into your body has major effects on  an individual’s longevity, vital organs, weight and quality of life. You may have been reminded by your trainer how important monitoring and tracking your nutrition is. It’s really easy to live day to day … [Read more...]

Cleansing and Detoxing…what is the difference?

  Written By Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness I’m sure that you have probably heard at least one person in your life say that they are going to do a “cleanse” or “detox” and you have probably wondered what that means exactly.  Is there a difference between the two, you might wonder.  While the terms are used interchangeably, there IS a difference between a … [Read more...]

How to Start a Workout Program

Written By Stephen James Cert. Personal Trainer with Prescription Fitness The New Year season is full of people setting goals for 2017.  Many will choose to exercise more in order to feel better and change the way their body looks.  Before starting any type of exercise program it is recommended that you consult your doctor or physician for approval. An exercise program requires a daily time … [Read more...]

Open Personal Training Sessions at the Medina Community Recreation Center

Open Personal Training Sessions at the Medina Community Recreation Center Need help with those New Year’s resolutions? Are you unsure how to start a fitness program? Find out what person training can do for you. Saturday, January 7th 2017 11am -12pm Thursday, January 12th 2017 6:30-7:30 pm No Registration Necessary, but please make sure you have a photo ID for facility … [Read more...]

Prescription Fitness New Location! Medina Community Recreation Center

Prescription Fitness comes to the Medina Community Recreation Center Medina, Ohio, January 1, 2017: Prescription Fitness one of the top Personal Training Companies in Northern Ohio is pleased to announce that our services are now available at The Medina Community Recreation Center. ABOUT US Our staff at Prescription Fitness is hand-picked to bring our clients the best training possible. … [Read more...]

New Years Resolutions. How to Stick to Them!

Written by Beth Funari Sims Cert. Personal Trainer It’s hard to not have resolutions on your mind come January 1st. Inevitably our inbox becomes inundated with product emails promising to make this your best year YET. Even your loved ones, and colleagues might be inquiring how you plan to better yourself in 2017. A depressing stat: According to Forbes just 8% of people achieve their new … [Read more...]


  By Elsie Velazquez Cert. Personal Trainer Ahhh….the Holidays!!!  It is the best time of the year to reflect on our lives and to focus on the people that matter most to us.  I think it is fair to say that we will all be attending a few parties throughout the holiday season.  Parties are a great way to spend time with those we love and care about.  The downside is that while our bonds … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Fitness!

January is fast approaching and soon those New Year’s resolutions will be made. Help your love one’s start on the right track. Get them a Prescription Fitness Gift Certificate. (Gift certificates are available in any amount) We specialize in the following Adult Weight Loss Programs Speed and Strength Training for Youth Athletes in Grades 4-12 Post Rehabilitation Exercise … [Read more...]

Baby it is Cold outside! No problem! Check out these winter workouts!

Written By Danielle Gymorie Cert. PT It’s easy to slack off on your exercise routine during these winter months.  The cold, wet weather makes it hard to find motivation when you’re snuggled on the couch with your favorite blanket.  That, along with the holiday’s keeping you plenty busy; it is easy to get off track.  Regardless of how chilly it may be or how many errands you need to run, … [Read more...]