Wellness Programs

Prescription Fitness Wellness Programs

Prescription Fitness Health & Wellness Programs include custom designed well-being programs, consulting and employee wellness portal that engages employees and builds a culture of wellbeing.

Our team provides the tools and consulting to design and implement a wellbeing program that continually drives engagement and positive change, leads to managed healthcare costs and enhances organizational climate and workplace culture.

Our goal is to improve an employee’s quality of life and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases through unique and personalized programs. This helps a company reduce healthcare costs over time.

Why implement a wellness program?

Fun: Sometimes work gets boring, repetitive and draining. This drains morale and lowers productivity. Try mixing things up by partaking in the activities and initiatives going on in your work’s wellness program that interests you.

Improved Productivity: Engaging in workplace wellness activities, like exercise and eating well, increases productivity and performance.

Happier: The people who engaged in their companies program were generally more content overall with work related factors.

Builds Community: Group activities that involve health and fitness will get you connected not only more to your company, but to your fellow employees as well.

Lower Healthcare Costs: A workplace that promotes exercise and taking care of your health for hours a day, your whole well-being will benefit.

Sense of Accomplishment: Set some goals and try to engage in your work’s healthy atmosphere while you reap the benefits of accomplishing a healthy task.

Improved Physical Fitness: Taking part in the different physical activities that your work has to offer can greatly improve your physical fitness and overall wellbeing. Open yourself up to the variety of physical activities your work has to offer and say hello to strength and muscle toning!

Weight Loss: When you start to focus on eating the right foods, exercising, and taking care of your mental health, the extra weight you’ve been carrying can shed off faster than before.

Less Stress: One of the key factors in health and wellness is learning stress management. When we are stressed, we are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors and destroy our mental health. Activities that encourage walking meetings, mindfulness, social engagement, and more can all help you feel relieved of daily built up stress.

Healthier Habits: By building better habits you can learn to shift into a health conscious mindset that benefits you. Food choices and workout schedules will be positively influenced because of your atmosphere. If you surround yourself with fellow like-minded employees then it will be even easier to strain away from the old unhealthy habits that hurt your health.

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