2020 Fitness Training… how to make it STICK!  

Coming up with and following through with your health resolutions for the New Year can be a daunting task.  Every December, it is easy to be enthusiastic about dropping fat, putting on muscle, eating healthier, etc. when January rolls around.  The problem with this way of thinking is that you are not taking into account the determination, discipline, passion, and willpower it will take in order to … [Read more...]

How to Stay Socially & Physically Active in Cleveland

Written By: Katarina Brankov CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE,OH)  It’s finally summer in Cleveland…Enjoy it while you can! Summertime is for fun in the sun with family and friends. Have you been looking for ways to stay active with others this summer? Try implementing these activities into your summer routine to supplement your training in the gym and stay socially and physically active … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit this Summer

Written By: Katarina Brancov CPT with Prescription Fitness (CLE, OH) 1. DRINK MORE WATER dehydration increases as heat increases Stay Hydrated! Make sure you are drinking actual water throughout your day, not just coffee, soda, juice, alcoholic beverages, etc. Just like dehydration increases as the heat does, so does alcohol consumption for most people. An easy way to track your water … [Read more...]


Written By: Elsie Ross CPT with Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) If you have walked into a gym lately, I am sure you have seen them – the colored tubes lying in a corner somewhere.  Perhaps you have seen someone rolling around on one and you’ve wondered what they are and what their purpose is.  Well, I am going to explain what they are and, more importantly, why you should consider using one.  … [Read more...]

The Assault Bike – Why you should become a fan!

Written By: Elsie Ross CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) The Assault Bike is a low-impact, high-output cardio machine that combines the arm action you get on an elliptical and the workout you get on stationary bike. The faster you go, the higher the resistance – and the wind generated. Because it is low-impact, the Assault Bike is a great “go to’ exercise if running or rowing is … [Read more...]


Written by: Elsie Ross, CPT at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) If you are only focusing on resistance machines for your strength training, it is time you “free” yourself from the limitations that resistance machines provide and switch to free weights instead.   Not only are they more convenient and much more affordable if you work out at home, but free weights provide many other benefits … [Read more...]

Youth Strength Training

Written by: Elsie Ross CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) If you are the parent of a young athlete and you are wondering if strength training is safe, the answer is yes.  If you are wondering if strength training will benefit your young athlete, the answer is yes.   Youth strength training can start as young as 8, but most start around age 10. As long as the young athlete has body … [Read more...]

Process over Outcome.. Keep it Going:)

Written by: Stephen James CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) The human body demands patience of us when we try to make changes to it or make changes to our normal routine. What patience looks like in this scenario is having the understanding that the results may not come as fast as you want or happen in a nice linear fashion. This is why it is important to focus on the process that will … [Read more...]

The 80/20 “Diet”

Written By: Elsie Ross, CPT at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) We all know how hard it can be to follow a diet plan.  While the 80/20 rule is not technically a full-blown way to lose weight, it is an easy plan to follow that actually works.  If you are the type of person (like me) who hates to follow strict food guidelines, you don't want to count calories, carbs, or macros, then this type … [Read more...]

Run your own Race!

Written By: Stephen James CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) Run Your Own Race! Fighting the urge to compare yourself to others Have you ever caught yourself seeing someone at the gym and thinking, “I could never look like him or her”, or “it would take me forever to get to the point that they are at?” Most if not all of us have this thought run through our heads at some point. What … [Read more...]