You can count on Prescription Fitness to create a real plan with real results! Everyone has different goals and wants to see different results from their fitness plan, and it’s our job to make sure you’re seeing those results. You might be a parent trying to juggle your kids and work and still make some time to look after your health. Maybe you’re a businessperson with a busy schedule who’s looking to drop a few pounds. Whatever your occupation, whatever your schedule, Prescription Fitness is here to help you create and achieve your goals.

Weight Loss

Does weight loss intimidate you? You’re not alone. Plenty of people don’t know exactly where or how to start their weight loss journey. Start right here at Prescription Fitness! Our staff is made up of not only experienced personal trainers, but dieticians and registered nurses as well, and they can help you approach your weight loss in the most well-rounded way possible.

Strength Training

Have you been having trouble opening the pickle jar lately? Or maybe you’re curious how many pounds you could deadlift if you tried. Prescription Fitness can help you find out! We offer strength training to build muscle mass, endurance, and strength.

Speed & Agility

Go faster and hone your precision with Speed and Agility training at Prescription Fitness! Speed and Agility training involves teaching your body to move in new and different ways in order to be able to run faster and move with a new purpose. We’ll help you learn to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction while moving forward at top speed.

Sports Performance

Every athlete wants to bring their best self to their sport and to their team. Prescription Fitness can help you achieve that with sports-specific personal training. We’ll create a workout plan specifically for you and for the sport you play. We will push your body to its limit and provide intensive core training as well as nutrition and fluid intake guidance and rest days. This process ensures that you peak at the proper time and can give your all to your sport. Our staff consists of top athletes who have been through this process before. They’ve made the climb, now it’s time to guide you to the top!

Injury Prevention & Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is an important tool in injury prevention. It involves a series of tests to analyze an individual’s movement patterns and detect muscular imbalances and deficits in mobility, balance, and strength. These tests also pick up on asymmetries that would put an individual at increased risk for injury. We will put together a structured corrective exercise program that goes along with the individual’s strength training program.

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