Our Team

Why choose Prescription Fitness? I’m not going to give you pages of pie charts or graphs, what I want to do is instill the belief that there is no one better at what we do.

I remember as a boy watching the Indians play the Yankees at Municipal Stadium with my dad and asking ” Dad, why are the Yankees so good?” His answer was simple, ” they go out and get the best players.”  What a concept!  That thought carried over to Prescription Fitness, where we go out and find the best at what they do.  We have trainers that combined have over 200 years of experience. All have national certifications, most have four year degrees and some have their masters degrees. Our team also includes registered nurses, dietitians, physical therapist aides and college professors.   The “other guys” usually just pass their company’s own weekend certification.

We do not offer cookie cutter programs.  Everyone begins with a complete health assessment and goal setting session.  The program is customized to fit your goals, time frame and budget.  We help you stay accountable by supplying you with a food journal to record your nutrition, we also keep you on track by staying in constant contact through texts, emails and phone calls.

Most of our friends come to us because they are not getting the results they want on their own.  Find out for yourself about the Prescription Fitness difference.