Valentine’s day is right around the corner and the “what do I get my sweetie” question is weighing heavily on your mind. What do you get that special person in your life that has just about everything that they could possibly use and/or need?! Are boxes of chocolate, bottles of perfume, and expensive dinners getting old? If you are on the fence about what to do, here is an idea…why not surprise your sweetie with an exhilarating sweat session with one of the trainers at Prescription Fitness?! I’m sure that a romantic dinner for two would be much more appreciated after an intense hour of physical activity.
Whether you are in or outside the bedroom, working out with your significant other can help keep the flame burning in your relationship. Training with your sweetie is a fun, flirty, creative, and motivational way to stay focused on achieving both of your fitness goals. It is also a great excuse to spend some quality time together. If you are competitive by nature, it is a fantastic way to “one up” your significant other or at least have fun trying!
Below is a sample body weight workout that will get your hearts pumping. Do as many reps of each move as you can (with good form, of course) in one (1) minute. Take a 30 second break before moving on to the next move. Repeat entire circuit 3 times.
• Squats
• Jog in place
• Push ups
• Jumping jacks
• Crunches
• Static squat with alternating punches
If you want a more challenging workout, below is a workout video I found on pinterest*:
If you would like further instruction on either of these two workouts, a trainer at Prescription Fitness would be more than happy to schedule an appointment.
So instead of making a reservation for two at your favorite restaurant this Valentine’s Day, make a date to hit the gym together. The extra physical activity will definitely pay off in the end…in more ways than one because bodies that sweat together stay together!

*Killer Bodyweight Workout for Guys & Girls;Video by Sarah Fit on Youtube

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