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Prescription Fitness is pleased to announce that our services are now available at

The North Olmsted Recreation Center

The new Fitness Department at the North Olmsted Parks and Recreation Center consists of a brand new 2nd floor fitness room, newly renovated exercise rooms, expanded exercise programming, and a new personal training program lead by us, Prescription Fitness, that will assist you with your fitness and wellness goals.
The fitness room operating hours are Monday-Sunday from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The fitness room has a wide variety of cardio machines, strength equipment, and free weights to fit your needs.
Our private office is located next to the fitness desk, which gives you the same privacy and non judgmental atmosphere similar to that at our private facilities. Now our customers have another great location to train. Our expanding facilities make it easier for you to reach your health and fitness goals and stay close to home. For more information about the North Olmsted Recreation Center Please check out their website. North Olmsted Recreation Center

Contact us at Prescription Fitness for more information.

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