Spooktacular Workout

Written By: Elsie Velazquez CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio)

Even as an adult, dressing up for Halloween party can be a lot of fun.  Eating tons of candy and over-indulging in sugary treats and drinks is also fun.  However, dealing with feelings of guilt and/or experiencing weight gain, is NOT fun.

To help you stay committed and on track with your fitness goals while still partaking in the holiday spirit, below is a great workout that is both fun and effective. Don’t let the move names scare you.  Trust me, this workout will spook away the calories so they don’t haunt you (or your waistline) later.

I suggest doing a complete dynamic warm-up before starting this workout. For best results, complete all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next. Start with three sets and progress to five sets of each exercise as you become more familiar with the movements.


This exercise can help you improve your core strength. Lie on your back facing the ceiling. Maintain a neutral curve in your lower back, and hold both arms and legs straight up over your body while contracting your abdominals. Hold for 45 to 60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat three to five times.

Dumbbell Deadlift to Overhead Press

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and a dumbbell resting lengthwise between both feet. Hinge back with your hips and reach for the dumbbell with your right hand. Press your feet into the floor as you push your hips forward to return to standing. When you are standing, do a biceps curl to overhead press with the dumbbell.  Complete four to six repetitions on each arm.

Jackknife Push-ups on a Stability Ball

This move is sure to scare the extra calories away because it is a this total-body exercise that focuses on the chest, shoulders, upper arms and abs. Start in a push-up position on a stability ball, with both legs on the ball and hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your thigh and glute muscles for extra stability. Bend the elbows and do a push-up. At the top, lift your hips and keep your legs straight to perform a jackknife as you draw the ball closer to your hands. Slowly lower your hips to return to the starting position. Perform another push-up and repeat the entire movement until fatigue.

Dumbbell Axe Chops

Hold a dumbbell in a vertical position. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart so that your right foot is slightly forward of your left; position both hands over your left shoulder. Shift your body weight to your left leg and rotate your right foot so that it is pointed toward the inside of your body. Bring the weight down across your body and over the outside of the right thigh as both feet rotate to the right. As you bring the weight down, sink into the hips and finish with your left foot rotated to point toward your right. Push your right foot into the ground and swing your hands back over your left shoulder as you return to the starting position.

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

This scary sounding move will strengthen your upper arms. Begin lying on your back with your feet resting on the floor. Extend both arms straight up while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Slowly bend both elbows so the weights come down on either side of your forehead. Extend both arms back to the top.

Hope you have a spooktacular workout!