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Written by: Danielle Cale cert. Personal Trainer with Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio)

Some of us find it quite difficult to get through the holidays. We know we’re supposed to be spending this time spreading holiday cheer, catching up with loved ones, and making memories. However, we often find ourselves juggling work, last minute shopping, family chaos, and preparations for travel and/or hosting company! We suffer from lack of sleep, high caffeine consumption, and lacking our usual discipline when it comes to exercise and sweets! The million dollar question: How do we stop the madness and keep our sanity?!

I can’t promise these things will SOLVE all your problems but I do promise they can help! Listed below are a few little things you can do to save yourself through the everyday chaos of holiday season!

  • Driving around in the madness of traffic? Sit in the parking lot for five minutes before going into the store or leaving the lot. Set a 5 minute timer. Turn off the music, roll up the windows, and simply breathe – Deep long breaths. Shut your brain off for a few minutes and just BE.
  • Need an excuse to step away from family drama? Excuse yourself for a few minutes to walk around your neighborhood – take the dog! Or simply take a short stroll in the fresh air to give yourself a mental break.
  • Delegate! Have too much on your plate? Delegate some tasks to other people! Let people help you. Instead of cooking everything for a meal, ask someone to bring a dish or dessert. You don’t have to do it alone.
  • Let go of the little things! Write yourself notes to remind yourself what this season is all about! Spreading love, showing appreciation, and making memories with the people you care about the most!
  • Treat yourself! We all have weak moments. Instead of beating yourself up about eating that pie, move forward. Lingering on those little moments of weakness can often turn into a vicious cycle of negative talking and self doubt – stressing ourselves out and stress eating even more. STOP THE CYCLE before it begins! Don’t dwell on the little moments, but instead, dedicate yourself to move forward and start fresh the next day.
  • See your schedule filling up fast? Block out some time in your planning for yourself – an hour to take a yoga class, go for a jog, take a trip to the gym, read a short story, or simply to watch your favorite show.


It’s these little things that can make the biggest difference in our attitudes or severely reduce our stress level!

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