Rebecca Wegener – CPT

Rebecca Wegener has been what others call “health conscious” her whole life. Starting with dance classes at a young age, and becoming a dance instructor assistant in high school, Rebecca has learned the importance of maintaining a strong, healthy body with specific adherence to maintaining proper form during her routines.

While studying Theater and Nutrition at Oakland University in Michigan, Rebecca auditioned to be a performer at Walt Disney World and stayed with the company for 7 years. Performing in shows and parades helped further along her interest in fitness, eventually leading up to her earning a personal training certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), along with a CPR/AED certification through the Red Cross.

In 2017 Rebecca decided to switch her aerobic approach of fitness to weight lifting and never looked back. She believes strength training is the key to losing weight, gaining muscle, and better overall functionality in daily life.

Rebecca brings her enthusiasm to each training session while focusing on each clients goal individually. She likes to include a variety of exercises in her routines, as well as motivate clients to push further than they believe they can go, keeping workouts fun and productive.

With her free time, Rebecca enjoys creating fun and nutritious meals, hiking, and spending time with her four cats.