Whether you are a working professional, stay at home mom, an ex-athlete, or just looking to lose some weight Prescription Fitness is here to help! Our certified personal trainers are experienced in helping adults with their weight loss and staying in shape all year long. We will design a program that will fit into your lifestyle. Your availability, favorite activities, and goals will all be implemented into your individualized program.


Have you ever heard the phrase “age is just a number”? We wholeheartedly agree. Here at Prescription Fitness, we are committed to helping seniors realize their full potential and stay in shape. Keeping your body healthy as you age makes it easier to do what you love for a longer period of time! Our team consists of trained physical therapist aides, personal trainers, and dieticians who will work with you to develop a plan to help you be your best self!


If you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, you can look no further than Prescription Fitness! Our highly trained physical therapist aides and personal trainers will work together to optimize your training program. Whether you play a team sport and want to make sure you’re pulling your weight, or you’re a solo runner looking to beat your own time, Prescription Fitness caters to all types of athletes. We create a personal fitness plan tailored to you and your abilities and goals.

Pre/Post Natal Women

Having a baby is one of the biggest and most exciting changes in a person’s life and at Prescription Fitness, we strive to make that transition easier. Whether you are preparing your body for pregnancy, trying to stay healthy during your pregnancy, or are bouncing back after your baby, we’re here to help! Our certified personal fitness trainers know how to customize your workouts to your body and make sure both mom and baby are healthy. For postpartum mothers, we understand the toll that having a baby takes on your body and we will work to create a plan just for you!

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