Sports Performance

Youth athletes are continuing to build their skills and develop the foundation for their future athletic careers. Youth athletes will be taught proper lifting techniques, weight transfer, and proper running mechanics in all three phases. Acceleration, Top End Speed, and Agility are not just drills to get kids moving. In this program athletes will be taught how their anatomy and biomechanical functions work for and against them.

Athletes are stressed on doing movements correctly over doing them fast, as with anything, the more a specific skill is worked the more efficiently and quickly it can be done. These foundational training techniques are blended with upper body and lower body age appropriate weight training to develop tendon and connective tissue strength which leads to improved performance and reduces the risk of injuries. With youth sports injuries at an all time high and many youth athletes competing more frequently these training techniques will enable them to stay healthier and play faster.  A healthy athlete is a productive athlete.  A strong foundation allows for a solid structure to be built upon it. Build your foundation today.