Help your Back Pain with the HYPEREXTENSION MACHINE!

Written by: Elsie Velazquez CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, OH) Many of us forget to work out our back muscles, which can result in back or lower back pain - especially if you sit most of the day.  Even if you do train your back, chances are you are neglecting a great piece of equipment – the hyperextension machine.  Adding hyperextensions to your back workout routine is a great way to ensure … [Read more...]

A Better You – One Step at a Time

Written by: Elsie Ross CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, OH) A new year is upon us and with that comes setting goals for ourselves.  It is a given that if we set a goal, we also want to attain it.  Whether it is getting in better shape, losing weight, increasing strength and/or speed, eating more vegetables, or simply eating better overall, you’ve got to start somewhere.  It sounds relatively … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit this December

Written by: Elsie Velazquez CPT at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) Hard to believe that the year 2018 is almost over!  You’ve worked hard all year to be a healthier version of yourself so now is not the time to throw in the towel!  Instead, use the month of December to finish the year off strong.  Come January, you will be glad you did and you will be motivated to make 2019 an even … [Read more...]

12 Days of Liftmas

Written By Alex Janis, CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE,OH) With the holidays coming around the corner, we all know what else is headed our way: GOOD FOOD!  And by no means should you completely refuse to partake in this holiday feasting tradition with family and friends simply because you are afraid of those excess calories.  There are ways to keep up a healthy lifestyle during this time of … [Read more...]


Written by :Elsie Velazquez CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE,OH) When you think about cutting calories, losing weight, or clean eating it is easy to picture a life of total deprivation and misery.  Nobody wants to give up all of the foods they love for the sake of being healthier.   Luckily, there are ways around this dilemma. By making a few food swaps you’ll hardly even notice and making … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Increase Your Deadlift Strength

By Alex Janis, CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) The deadlift is powerful exercise and when performed properly can make or break strength gains within the gym.  Perhaps it may seem excessively simple: Pick up the weight and put it back down.  This is a very primal movement pattern and is still utilized in daily activity with high degrees of frequency i.e. picking up groceries.  So not … [Read more...]

Spooktacular Workout

Written By: Elsie Velazquez CPT at Prescription Fitness (CLE, Ohio) Even as an adult, dressing up for Halloween party can be a lot of fun.  Eating tons of candy and over-indulging in sugary treats and drinks is also fun.  However, dealing with feelings of guilt and/or experiencing weight gain, is NOT fun. To help you stay committed and on track with your fitness goals while still partaking … [Read more...]

Injury Prevention Tactics

Written By Alex Janis, CPT at Prescription Fitness (Cleveland, Ohio) What is a primary reason people fail to reach their goals?  Often fear of future injury or previous injury discourages an individual from taking the first steps towards reaching a fitness goal.  Luckily, there is a lot that can be done when working with a trained professional with regards to working around injuries and … [Read more...]

Physical Activity and Cognitive Function

Written by: Kayla Kazanowski, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist with Prescription Fitness (CLE, OH). Over the last decade, neuroimaging has proven the ability of physical activity to decrease cognitive decline that is commonly associated with aging. The hippocampus, an organ found in the medial temporal lobe, plays a fundamental role in memory processing, specifically long-term memory … [Read more...]

Don’t FALL Out of Fitness!

Written By: Elsie Velazquez cert. personal trainer with Prescription Fitness (CLE, OH) Last week was a little sad because summer officially came to an end. I find that working out and finding things to do is so much easier when the sun is shining and the temps are nice enough that you simply throw on a tee and shorts and head out the door for a walk or jog or game of volleyball.  No layering … [Read more...]